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World Bank research finds foreign aid ends up in offshore financial centres

A new policy research working paper published by the World Bank finds that offshore financial centres benefit perversely from aid disbursements to highly aid-dependent countries. The paper finds that foreign “aid payments coincide with sharp increases in bank deposits in offshore financial centers known for bank secrecy and private wealth management, but not in other […]

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Leave the guy living in the woods alone

The Isle of Man’s Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture has already wasted too much Manx taxpayer money in pursuing Daniel Richardson, the man living in a cabin in the woods near Ramsey, and should stop wasting more money on this absurd endeavour, according to the Manx TaxPayers’ Alliance. “Daniel Richardson has reportedly lived in […]

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Isle of Man Politicians Pay

According to the Tynwald website, “The basic salary, with effect from 1 July 2021, for a Member of the House of Keys is £67,557 per annum and for a Member of the Legislative Council is £63,776 per annum.” In addition, various office holders receive extra pay: IOM Politician pay after 2021: Position Base pay Extra […]

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Hospitality is “still depressed”, as Government increases tax on hospitality businesses

On Friday October 1st, EnergyFM reported: A new business report shows while retail and hospitality is “still depressed”, the broader economy is “turning a corner”. The statement comes from a new report into the island’s economy which also found that most sectors are hopeful for increased turnover in the coming year. IoM businesses “turning a corner” […]