The Manx TaxPayers’ Alliance is the grassroots Manx campaign for

  • taxes to be low, fair and simple;
  • government transparency; and
  • great value for money for taxpayers

Our Mission

The Manx Taxpayers’ Alliance fights for the interests of mainstream Manx taxpayers. We believe that taxes should be low, fair and simple, and that we should all remember that there is no such thing as “Government money” – only taxpayer money. We want our taxes to deliver good value-for-money for the people of Mann, giving good value for essential community services.

Our History

Founded in 2021, we thought it was about time that someone stood up for the ‘little guy’. For too long, vested interests have dominated our island’s policy discussions, so we are providing a voice for mainstream Manx taxpayers.

We have no relationship with the TaxPayer’s Alliance across in the United Kingdom, or other similarly named organisations elsewhere in the world. We absolutely will take best practice ideas from across the world, and use them to make our island an even better place to live.


Responsibility for any electoral comment is taken by Michael Josem on behalf of the Manx TaxPayers’ Alliance at Merchants House, 24 North Quay, Douglas, IM1 4LE.