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Recent news

Numbers of Teachers/Lecturers vs Other DESC Staff

Education Department staff numbers have increased by 20% over last five years. So why don’t we have enough teachers to fully operate schools?

In 2020/2021 (the most recent completed academic year) the number of staff actually employed by the DESC in the teacher / lecturer category remained precisely steady at 990. However, the number of other staff employed by the DESC had increased by almost 400 extra staff over the last five yars to 1,465 staff – a remarkable increase of 36% extra staff in the non-teacher/lecturer categories.

photo of empty class room

Isle of Man schools unable to provide in-person schooling

Isle of Man schools are continuing to be unable to provide in-person schooling for all students this week. According to EnergyFM, Year 9 and Year 12 students at Ballakermeen High School are being asked to not attend classes in-person for at least part of this week. EnergyFM reported Ballakermeen Headteacher Adrienne Burnett saying, “We have […]