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The President of Tynwald, Laurence Skelly, has confirmed that he has “not received any formal request” to recall Tynwald from its summer recess to address the current cost of living crisis. This is despite various MHKs posting on social media speculating about the possibility of recalling Tynwald from its lengthy summer break.

Asked if he has received a request from any members of Tynwald to recall Tynwald, Mr Skelly advised, “I can confirm several members enquired about the process about recalling Tynwald but have not received any formal request.”

While Tynwald continues to enjoy a lengthy summer recess, many people of the Isle of Man are struggling with a continuing cost of living crisis. Various legacy politicians have made emotive public statements, but failed to take proactive action.

Earlier this year, while the Manx TaxPayers’ Alliance was offering proactive positive policy proposals to pre-empt the cost of living crisis, the Isle of Man Government merely took a “wait and see” action which failed to address the root causes.

Mr Skelly went on to say, “I understand the interested members were awaiting outcome of Economic Strategy Board meeting this week before considering submitting a formal request to recall Tynwald.”

Over the last twelve months, Members of Tynwald have voted to increase gas prices, cut the proposed pension levels, while local councillors have increased taxes and cut services.