Earlier today, the Isle of Man’s Employment and Equality Tribunal (EET) awarded several million pounds of compensation to Dr Rosalind Ranson. The EET found “that Dr Ranson is entitled to be compensated for being unfairly dismissed due to her protected disclosures.” Dr Ranson was awarded compensation of over £3.2 million, being £3,198,754 in direct compensation, and an unspecified further amount in legal costs.

Manx taxpayers are going to need to foot the bill for one of the biggest-ever compensation bills in Manx employment law. This is a clear determination by the independent Employment and Equality Tribunal that the Government dismissed Dr Ranson unfairly, in breach of Manx law.

“The people responsible for treating Dr Ranson in this manner need to be held accountable. Their behaviour has been fundamentally immoral. Their treatment of an employee has been immoral. Their treatment of taxpayers’ funds has been immoral. The people responsible for such behaviour need to have skin in the game, and must be held accountable,” said Michael Josem of the Manx TaxPayers’ Alliance.

“It is fundamentally immoral for the taxpayers of the Isle of Man to be hit with this bill, while the people responsible for this behaviour may get away without accountability. That is wrong, and the people responsible need to be held accountable.”

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