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The Manx Care Facebook page

In recent days, the Isle of Man’s Chief Secretary announced retirement, the Executive Director of Human Resources resigned, the Deputy CEO of Enterprise announced a ‘career break‘, and the Department of Health and Social Care CEO resigned.

This appears to represent bold and decisive leadership by the elected Government taking action to reform the Isle of Man civil service. It appears to show the democratically elected Ministers taking action to set a new tone and to show new leadership in the service of the people of the Isle of Man. This does not appear to merely be politicians paying lip service and saying “lessons will be learned” and “mistakes were made.” Rather, it is taking action in a concrete and decisive manner.

Of course, it will be important to measure the outcomes in coming months and years. But taking action to reform the civil service is the important launching point to correct the Manx constitutional ship, to ensure that the democratically elected arm of Government charts the course and sets the direction for the Isle of Man Government.

We are hopeful that taking action with such clear and decisive changes to the leadership of the civil service sets a clear signal that the bad old ways are not good enough, and must change.