Manx Care Facebook Page
The Manx Care Facebook page

The Isle of Man Government’s new health service, Manx Care, has budgeted to spend £170,000 on advertising in its first year of operation, according to new records obtained by the Manx TaxPayers’ Alliance under Freedom of Information Act protections.

The £170,000 includes advertising on social media outlets such as Facebook, and also legacy media outlets, including trade media outlets for recruitment.

Isle of Man newspapers have previously revealed that “Ten thousand pounds has been spent on rebranding and new-look signs for Manx Care.” This new advertising spend of £170,000 appears to be in addition to the reported £10,000 cost of new signs.

However, in the first month of operation of Manx Care, Manx Care spent just £60 on Facebook advertising relating to Mental Health, £38 on Facebook advertising relating to Nobles Hospital, and £3,038 was spent on advertising with “Professional Journal and Recruitment” for Nobles Hospital.

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