JC’s Bar & Restaurant, located on Douglas Quay, is closing in part due to “politics and red tape from the Government.” The closing bar means jobs will be lost, and customers will no longer have the benefit of being able to enjoy a drink at this bar.

In a statement published on Facebook, and reported by Isle of Man newspapers online at Gef.im, JC’s Bar & Restaurant said in part:

Along with the increase in costs, the politics and red tape from the Government and the Brewery (a main supplier) has left us worn out and tired. Staffing is a real issue on the Island from Kitchen to Bar to just finding a tradesman. All these things are needed to operate a successful business that tries to be open everyday, all day.

JC’s Bar & Restaurant

“It is sad that customers and staff are going to suffer here as a result of the politics and red tape from the Government,” said Michael Josem of the Manx TaxPayers’ Alliance. “Usually, Government regulation has dispersed costs. It is sad here that this business is a very concentrated loser as a result of the Government’s excessive red tape.”

In January this year, JC’s Bar & Restaurant attempted to sell the business. The inability to find a successful buyer does not bode well for the site.