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Earlier this month, the Manx TaxPayers’ Alliance reported on Isle of Man schools being unable to provide in-person school.

Schools are essential services: “Our primary and secondary educational system is one of the most valuable public goods in modern Western civilisation. A well-functioning school system is literally fundamental and literally essential to educating children.”

Manx Radio reports that this problem has now spread to Castle Rushen High School:

Students at Castle Rushen High School are being told to study from home again due to staff absence. Year 10 pupils should not attend school tomorrow (27 January) and year nine are asked not to attend on Friday (28 January)…Year 12 students have also experienced disruption today due to staff having to cover lessons for younger year groups at short notice.

CRHS students asked to study at home

Schools are unable to provide in person schooling despite Education Department staff numbers increasing by 20% over the last five years.

This is because teacher and lecturer numbers have remained steady, but non-teacher/lecturer staff categories have increase by 36%.

Schools are really important, and our children deserve reliable schools that operate continually.