Some Isle of Man Government units are paying men up to £18.90/hour more than women, according to new figures obtained by the Manx TaxPayers’ Alliance. The data provided by the Isle of Man’s Cabinet Office shows that the average male pay in the Information Commissioner’s office is an average of £18.90 higher compared to female pay, and the Communications & Utilities Regulatory Authority is paying £17.40 higher to males than females.

In only two areas – the Industrial Relations Service (£5.24) and the Manx National Heritage (£0.08) – are females paid higher hourly wages than males.

The average hourly pay for men and women in each area has been calculated by adding all hourly rates for male and female staff in each area and dividing each figure by the number of positions held by men and women respectively. The statistics provided by the Isle of Man Government do not appear to include any mention of staff who identify as neither male nor female.

“The Isle of Man Government needs to explain the causes for the disparities here, and to ensure it is paying staff based upon their contributions, not based on their gender,” said Michael Josem of the Manx TaxPayers’ Alliance.

Key notes

  • These calculations exclude casual workers: only full-time and part-time staff are included.
  • There is no suggestion of systematic discrimination by the Isle of Man Government against women here. There are plausible explanations for differences that require further investigation.
  • The Cabinet Office has provided further explanations contained in the document published below.

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