New data compiled and analysed by the Manx TaxPayers’ Alliance shows that Isle of Man airport passenger numbers are still significantly below pre-pandemic levels, casting doubt on the outcomes of highly-paid Government “experts” planning to increase tourism to the Isle of Man.

The Manx TaxPayers’ Alliance has compiled monthly passenger numbers from the Isle of Man Airport to make the helpful reference chart below showing passenger numbers using the Isle of Man airport from January 2020 to March 2023:

Since the pandemic, only one month – June 2022 (60,602) – saw more airport passenger numbers than either January 2020 (55,182) or February 2020 (58,215). This is particularly concerning given the relative weather conditions in the Isle of Man of January and June.

The bad trend continues in 2023, as January 2023 passenger numbers were just over 20% lower than January 2020 passenger numbers. February 2023 passenger numbers were just under 19% lower than February 2020 passenger numbers.

“Unfortunately, the Isle of Man Government slugs aircraft passengers with twice as much passenger duty as domestic travellers within the United Kingdom. This extra tax on passengers is likely harmful to the ability of families and businesses looking to travel to and from the Isle of Man,” said Michael Josem of the Manx TaxPayers’ Alliance.

“A passenger flying from Gatwick to Newquay or Aberdeen pays half as much aircraft passenger duty as a passenger flying from Gatwick to the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man Government should stop harming this vital transport route,” said Josem. recognises Isle of Man as one of Europe’s “least-crowded vacation spots” has featured the Isle of Man in a listing of “10 Of The Least-Crowded Vacation Spots You Can Visit In Europe This Summer”. In an article published on Sunday 23 April 2023, writer Ansa Javiad says:

“Popular tourist destinations tend to be overcrowded and may not offer the peaceful and relaxing vacation experience one craves. So, why not try something different this summer by exploring the least-crowded vacation spots in Europe?

10 Of The Least-Crowded Vacation Spots You Can Visit In Europe This Summer

The Isle of Man is ranked fifth in their listing:

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The underlying numbers are published by the Isle of Man Airport.