It was cheaper for India to put a rover on the moon than it was for the Isle of Man Government to put a dock in Liverpool.

Business Insider has reported that the estimated cost of the Indian moon lander was USD74 million (GBP 59 million). This is substantially less than the currently estimated cost to the Isle of Man taxpayers for the construction of the Liverpool landing stage. The BBC recently reported that the current – but yet to be finalised – estimated cost of the Liverpool landing stage is GBP 70 million (USD 88 million).

Source Information: Indian Moon Mission

India’s first moon landing, which touched down on the lunar south pole on Wednesday, was both historic and budget-friendly.

At about $74 million, India’s moon mission was less than half the cost of Russia’s south-pole lander ($200 million), which misfired its engines and crashed on Sunday,

How India landed on the moon and flew to Mars at a fraction of the cost of NASA and Russia missions

Source Information: Liverpool Landing Stage

The final cost of the Isle of Man’s new ferry terminal in Liverpool is currently unknown, the infrastructure minister has said.

Chris Thomas said while the terminal building was on track to be finished by late May or early June, the marine works would take longer.

They “continued to present challenges due to the testing environment”, he said.

The cost of the Manx government-funded project, which was originally due to be completed by 2020, has already increased from £38m to £70m.

Cost of Manx ferry terminal in Liverpool unclear