An Isle of Man Tax Bill
An Isle of Man Tax Bill

The Isle of Man’s pubs have expressed concern about the tax increase which has been applied to Manx hospitality businesses and consumers earlier this month:

The Licensed Victuallers Association says there are serious concerns for how the likes of pubs, restaurants and hairdressers will survive over the coming months.

The LVA’s chair is Geoff Joughin, who also runs the Albert Hotel in Douglas.

He says it’s not just pubs and restaurants which will feel the pinch:

“In hospitality, VAT has just gone back up from 5%, back up to 12.5% because they’re following the UK. But there could be a way of helping the situation because that’s going to hit the public very hard. And it’s going to hit those small retailers in the lunch and evening meal industry. But the other thing is, it’s not just pubs and it’s not just restaurants, but everybody now is feeling the pinch very, very hard…. It’s the end of the summer now, and 90% of the visitors have gone home, students have gone back, people are going on holiday. So pubs and restaurants are going to feel it very hard. And also, so are hairdressers, so are little coffee shops and any small retailers about the town.”

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