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Responding to a freedom of information request likely from ManxRadio, the Isle of Man Constabulary has released data showing the number of ‘spiking’ reports that it has received.


The current financial year, 2021/22, only includes the six month period from 1 April 2021 to 30 September 2021. To make the current half-year comparable to others, a light-blue bar has been added to the graph to show a projected number of reported spiking events if drink spiking continues at the current rate.

This includes all reports of drink spiking in the Isle of Man. The Constabulary advises, the “figures relate only to allegations of spiking, whether or not the allegation was substantiated, and not to allegations of sexual assaults while under
undisputed influence of alcohol.”

The Isle of Man Constabulary advises that “incidents that have been reported to IOMC but occurred within another jurisdiction have also been excluded.”

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Note: An early FOI response from the Isle of Man Constabulary had an error in the second paragraph of the second page. The sentence “It should be noted that there has not been any confirmation from any toxicology confirming the presence of any substance” was missing the word “not”.