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University College Isle of Man (UCM) has announced that adults will be able to study GCSE English and Maths for free:

Adults looking to upskill, improve their employability or access Higher Education can now achieve their English and Maths GCSEs at University College Isle of Man (UCM) for free.

The important change to the University-College’s fee policy means that people who didn’t attain GCSE (or equivalent) qualifications in English or maths when they were at school can access this level of education without having to worry about the cost. 


This is a good and significant improvement for several reasons:

  1. It is well targeted at people in need of assistance;
  2. It empowers people to learn and improve skills to become more productive;
  3. This offering should offer good value-for-money for taxpayers, with low fixed costs: if low numbers of people use the scheme, then the cost of offering it is low.

“Providing free GCSE maths and English classes is good for the students, and good for the people of Mann. Higher skills should lead to higher productivity and higher wages in a time of rising living costs,” said Michael Josem of the Manx TaxPayers’ Alliance.

You can obtain further information, and enrol, on the UCM website here.