A GR/AUR Aurigny Air Services ATR72 G-COBO in Manchester, 2019
A GR/AUR Aurigny Air Services ATR72 G-COBO in Manchester, 2019 Credit: Riik@mctr

Taxpayers in the Channel Islands continue to be hit three ways, with Aurigny losing millions of pounds last year, on top of the airfares and taxes being charged to travellers. Aurigny is owned by the Government of the States of Guernsey, and continues to be a very expensive proposition for their taxpayers.

According to ITV:

Guernsey’s airline Aurigny suffered a £13.5 million loss in 2021, but that is an improvement on the previous year as losses reduced by 39%.

The announcements were made during a briefing held today (17 March) with the CEO and Chairman in attendance.

Guernsey airline Aurigny suffered £13.5 million loss in 2021

The massive financial losses at Aurigny represent a big transfer of wealth from the poorer members of the Guernsey community to the richest. Taxes from people who do not travel are being used to subsidise the travel of wealthier businesses and holiday makers.

“Around £50 million has been lost by the taxpayers of Guernsey in the last three years alone – with no end in sight,” said Michael Josem of the Manx TaxPayers’ Alliance.

The £13.5 million loss reported by ITV is marginally less terrible than £28.6 million that the overall airline group1 lost in the 2020 calendar year, as revealed in their annual financial statements (See page 8 below) – but still much worse than the £9.7 million that was lost in 2019.

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  1. Note: The overall airline group includes more than just the Aurigny airline